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3 hours ago   Source: Seattle Press -
An NFL playoff game will air on cable for the first time this season. The league said Tuesday that a wild-card matchup will be broadcast on ESPN in January.
5 hours ago   Source: KING-TV Seattle -
It is possible the solution to affordable apartments for the people of Capitol Hill won't actually be *on* Capitol Hill.
10 hours ago   Source: Capitol Hill Blog -
Kyle Griffith climbs out of his shiny black S300 Mercedes sedan. His dark-haired fiancee at his side, the diamond in her engagement ring glinting in the bright sunshine, he strides into Dutch Hill Elementary, a low-slung white brick affair surrounded by green hills and soggy grass fields.
11 hours ago   Source: Seattle Weekly -
In the late 1940s, schools in Magnolia were becoming overcrowded. Magnolia and Lawton schools were simply not big enough to accommodate the size of the growing community.
15 hours ago   Source: Magnolia News -
I truly regret not making the most of a precious opportunity. I had a family member who was our historian.
15 hours ago   Source: Magnolia News -
There's a new chef and a new owner at Szmania's: Michael Rogozinski. He bought out restaurant founders Ludger and Julie Szmania earlier this year and took over the space on April 1. When Szmania's opened in Magnolia Village in 1990, it was the only sophisticated, fine-dining establishment for miles around and was widely admired.
15 hours ago   Source: Magnolia News -
This was the year Sasquatch grew a bit too big for its britches. After adding a second full weekend of live shows to the wildly popular music fest at the Gorge Amphitheatre, event promoters had to cancel the bonus round due to weak sales.
17 hours ago   Source: Seattle -
One thing that might be on your agenda today - whale watching! Carolyn Newman got that photo this morning .
18 hours ago   Source: West Seattle Blog -
He lives it, loves it, performs it, and DJ's bboy jams around the world. This past Friday he went to EMP to cover the Red Bull BC One breakdancing competition for The Stranger .
19 hours ago   Source: The Stranger -
The Bullitt Center in Seattle has generated 252,560 kilowatt hours of energy from the solar panels on its roof, but used just 147,260 kilowatt hours, Bullitt Foundation officials said Tuesday, which is Earth Day.
20 hours ago   Source: Business Journal -
On Bullitt Center's first Earth Day birthday, greenest office building on Capitol Hill has more to prove It's hard to believe that Capitol Hill's Bullitt Center , considered the greenest commercial building in the world , has anything left to prove on sustainability.
21 hours ago   Source: Capitol Hill Blog -
Announced this morning: The city has set the date for a public-comment meeting on 4439 41st SW, the 40-apartment, five-parking-space project that has drawn opposition from neighbors including nearby schools and churches.
yesterday   Source: West Seattle Blog -
Your evening begins with tempting appetizers and local cocktails as you take in the panoramic farm landscape of Camp Korey.
yesterday   Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer -
Seattle Seahawks fans are getting the chance to re-live the team's Super Bowl run on the big screen.
yesterday   Source: KING-TV Seattle -
San Francisco is getting new trains for its BART system and the interior colors are reminding 49ers fans of a certain division rival to the north.
yesterday   Source: KING-TV Seattle -
Earlier this month, Mirabel Cruz, Senior Communications Lead for SDOT, discussed the Holman Road Northwest Repaving project with the Ballard District Council.
2 days ago   Source: Ballard News-Tribune -
Arriving two hours early didn't guarantee you a top spot in line at Sonic Boom on Record Store Day.
2 days ago   Source: Seattle Weekly -
Witnesses say an out-of-control driver steered onto a Capitol Hill sidewalk and nearly smashed through a crowd of people.
2 days ago   Source: KOMO News -
Seattle has been on my destination wish list for years and I finally made it to the "Emerald City" with its impressive location on the Puget Sound backed by the mountains and surrounded by evergreen forest.
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